Or, more specifically, “Sauce! The Food Blog!”. We’ll get to the five Ws. but first, a preview!

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Sauce, the Food Blog:Protecting Stomach Linings and Finances Since 2009
Sauce! began in 2009, to keep friends, family and acquaintances – in graduate schools and new jobs in new cities – from wasting away expensively on TV dinners, instant noodles, burger-chain rubbish and take-outs. Sauce! featured actual meals that I cooked and ate – easily, quickly and inexpensively prepared dishes from Bengal and beyond.

Why bother, though?
Obesity and diet-related illnesses are the fifth largest risk to our health globally [WHO]. Unless there are congenital illnesses or lack of vital resources, what one eats is a fairly accurate indicator of how healthy one will be. Plus it’s also an excellent indicator of how much one will save on both food and medical bills. So heath, yum, and money saved.

Do I have you yet?

2 Responses to Food!

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  2. Kittehinfurs says:

    I am right now eating the most beautiful khichuri in my life, made from your recipe. Since I can’t get home cooked food at home and there are no readymeals from M&S to save my life now that I’m back home, your blog is quite literally saving my life.

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