Or, more specifically, “Sauce! The Food Blog!”. We’ll get to the five Ws. but first, a preview!

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Sauce, the Food Blog:Protecting Stomach Linings and Finances Since 2009
Sauce! began in 2009, to keep friends, family and acquaintances – in graduate schools and new jobs in new cities – from wasting away expensively on TV dinners, instant noodles, burger-chain rubbish and take-outs. Sauce! featured actual meals that I cooked and ate – easily, quickly and inexpensively prepared dishes from Bengal and beyond. 

2 Responses to Sauce

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  2. Kittehinfurs says:

    I am right now eating the most beautiful khichuri in my life, made from your recipe. Since I can’t get home cooked food at home and there are no readymeals from M&S to save my life now that I’m back home, your blog is quite literally saving my life.

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