Eternal Youth

Indian Beauty

This ad flashed at me from Sparknotes, where I had gone after many many years to see if I could find last-minute political philosophy brush-ups for a younger friend. This is primarily a site for college-going undergrads, I think. Marketing algorithms never cease to surprise me.

Also, it used to be that Indian women only tortured themselves about their dark skin and lack of plump curves. Thanks to globalisation, we’re apparently now embracing the terror of riper years — once a cherished commodity.

Well, we’re nothing if not accommodative. There never was such a willing culture for cultural imperialism. Who’s next in line for taking over, I wonder.



  1. Display ads are either contextual or behavioral. Clearly the ad server was not targeting Sparknotes. It was targeting you and your browsing history.

    • That couldn’t possibly be true, since my browsing history only contains my email providers, a few of political and personal news sites and blogs, a couple of webcomics, and my own websites.

      Had you allowed room for the possibility of my geographical location matching the targeted regions of random ads — instead of asserting the absolute browsing-history solution — I might have taken you more seriously.


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