The Avengers

is boring.

For a supherhero flick, that is a fate worse than death. It is death. Except it isn’t. The film’s doing very well everywhere, at least in its initial weeks.

But man. How can a film starring a very convincing Tony Stark and Hulk, and very dishy Thor, CapAm, Loki and the Black Widow, be this dull?

Green Man is NOT happy!


  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! Finally somebody found it boring like I did! Though I watch all kinds of horrendous movies like “Rowdy Rathore” too but umm…”The Avengers” was quite disappointing!

    • It was. I have high tolerance for silliness or puffed-chest testosterone in superhero films, but The Avengers was too dull to hold up even the action sequences. Whedon’s trademark wit — something I was looking forward to — is also apparently on leave, sans Thor’s comment about Loki being adopted, and a few barely-passable quips from Bobby D-J.

    • I disagree completely. I expected it to be a fantastic sitcom in between the action, a la Buffy, and it wasn’t. In fact, Sudakshina and Steelhearts, I’m surprised you two thought it was funny too 😦

  2. Boring? Not sure. But it absolutely does require you to disconnect all the wire connecting your brain with your heart. Personally, I just focused on Robert Downey Jr.’s snappy delivery and, um, Scarlett Johannson.


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