Dodging the Bleep

According to his father, my little nephew was lulled into sleep by the dullness of  “The Avengers”. I’m grateful for this, because halfway through the film, Loki says to Natasha Romanoff, with no obscuring effect at all, “You mewling quim!”.

I was *most* surprised. And quite wickedly amused.

If there is going to be sanctimonious censorship, there will be ways around it 🙂



    • I thought it dull 😦 I think my expectations — always high for superhero flicks, the silliness and extremes of which I love — were raised by the rather entertaining (and dishy) Thor, and the fact that Joss Whedon was directing. But, as a friend of mine said, this was “too much set-up, not nearly enough pay-off”.

      • JW projects are very hit-or-miss, imho. With 6 main characters (+ several secondary ones), I think it did a good job of establishing everyone’s roles then delivering on the action elements that folks came to see. It’s a superhero flick, which means it is necessarily fluffy. But the pacing and humor was on point throughout. Also, although I don’t think it was a requirement, I do think having seen the precursors (Iron Man 1&2, Thor, Hulk(s), Captain America) greatly enhances the experience.

        • Oooh, it’s so odd you say that, because I didn’t like the film precisely because I had diametrically opposite impressions of it on those very scores.

          First, I thought that the JW-brand of humour — which I was really looking forward to — was spectacularly missing except in a few Stark lines, one Thor line, and in the Hulk-thrashing-Loki sequence.

          Second, having religiously followed the Marvel path from Iron Man in 2008 to Thor (which, to my surprise, I loved), I thought Avengers had a dream build-up that it just couldn’t exploit to the full.

          Finally, I expected the fluff to be smarter/funnier/in considerably more quantity. I thought they stinted 😦

        • In other words, I thought the Avengers dull not because it was a standard extra-cheese superhero flick, because it wasn’t extra-cheese enough for me.

          • As someone who frequently walks away from films based on comics with a furrow in my brow and a crinkle in my nose, I hear what you’re saying. I just think the expectation you seemed to have had couldn’t possibly be met in a 2-ish hour flick with so many different characters with which JW et al. attempted to do justice. (Get it, justice! Heh!) So, for me, I expected to have some chuckles and some cool action sequences and a surface level plot — and that’s what I got. So, will you continue on w/ the Marvel franchise? Iron Man 3, Captain America 2, Thor 2, Avengers 2 — they’re all currently in the works, you know?

          • Nice touch re. justice 😉

            And hell yes, I will continue. You can’t keep me away from superhero/fantasy-action films, Mandy. You just can’t. But mostly I am looking forward to the next X-Men flick with that dishy McAvoy and the rest of the sparkling new cast (that Beast kid was so cute though, I wish he could’ve stayed longer out of costume. And Kelsey Grammar wore the costume better).

            Also, I wonder if they’re making other ‘origin’ flicks? I watched ‘Wolverin’, and I would certainly watch all others.

  1. Yes and I agree with Rimi. Probably watching all these super-hero flicks year-after-year makes you an expert in the guessing game. So, at the end, Avengers failed to surprise me.

  2. I also didn’t understand why Stark was living in New York. He’s so not an East Coast kind of guy. And seriously, if I was a corporate tycoon with that kind of money, I’d totally live in Singapore.

    • I’m not familiar enough with American culture to understand what makes a person enough East Cost (love to be told, though), but I agree. If I had enough money, I’d have a home in South East Asia and travel the rest of the world as often as I could 🙂

  3. Although I’ve already said this on Ruru’s and James’ FB statuses, I’ll say it again: Marvel should make a glittering, tighly-edited, three hour action-packed costume-drama with noirish overtones from Neil Gaiman’s 1602. It’s CapAm, Dardevil, Spiderman, Thor, Black Widow and the X-Men in an Elizabethan spy-thriller meets Templar/secret society intrigue meets the Inquisition gone rogue meets New World adventures in an America that has elephant-sized dinosaurs.

    It is incredible. No Tony Stark, alas, but he can be written in.

      • I didn’t miss Spidey 🙂 I missed the Hulk, and I don’t regret it. He doesn’t make my A-list. In fact, I was very surprised at his popularity in the US — two standalone films! — before someone told me there was a Hulk television show which made him a favourite with the current late-twenties, thirties crowd.

        • And now that I read it again, I find that Spiderman has magically appeared. Sorry I missed it the first time 🙂 Also, I have grown to like the Hulk. I think there was a made for telly movie too for him. And I don’t like CapAm. He represents the jingoistic goody two shoes USAness. It’s irritating.

          • Likewise re. CapAm, although in this film he’s a bit different. I loved Mark Ruff. as the Hulk, so my current “he’ll do” attitude towards the Hulk is more an approval of M. Ruff than of the Hulk, but I wouldn’t throw him out of the team, no. At the very least, he does lovely things like the laundry routine Pritha mentioned, and the casual knocking off of his siblings-at-arms, simply because he feels like it.

  4. Avengers was okay types — I thought it was a great (b)romantic comedy with some action thrown it — manna for shippers, basically. I just kept seeing louuue sequences and sexual tension subtexts EVERYWHERE 😀 I vote for Thor/Loki (incest! incest! bonus!) and Stark/Hulk or mebbe Stark/Nick Fury or even Hulk/Widow. Not enough Tony Stark in the film, but I LOVED Mark Ruffalo as Hulk, man. That sequence where he basically becomes a dhopa and kapor kachaofies Loki is hands down my most favourite one in the film — I want it turned into a gif, playing in an endless loop. Aah, fantasies :))

    • You’d be surprised. Many people ship Captain American with the Winter Soldier/Bucky, and the fandom I’m told, has some CapAm/Black Widow ships. You know, the serious, buttoned-down over-achiever meets the smokin’ Russian mystery babe, discovers the steaming cauldron of kink underneath his tightly-screwed lid, and learns to live a little? But nothing beats McAvoy and Fassbender’s X:Men First Class as ‘shipper bait 🙂

  5. That laundry routine was hilarious and although everyone hated the first film, I liked Eric Bana. Then I liked Edward Norton better and now I think Mark Ruffalo is the best. I just can’t make up my mind; unlike in Batman, where there’s no contest between Bale and the others.

      • Yes. He was fantastic 😀 There was nothing that he didn’t carry in his utility belt. From shark spray to anti gravity pills. Now, that’s a genius superhero.

        But sorry. I made an unlicensed crossover form Marvel to DC.

        • That’s all right, Ruru. Growing up, I preferred the DC-verse anyway. The television X-Men hadn’t hit India yet, and the comics book weren’t available here, at least on the shelves I could afford. So it was Justice League all the way, with the fabulous chemistry between Superman and Batman, which is sort of like CapAm and Stark, only several times more dour. Then the peripheral characters, including the Green Lantern, Marvel’s Pietroesque Flash and the obligatory sexay female superhero, Wonderwoman. Good times.

  6. um. right. not to stir the pot.

    But I would say that Steve Rogers, especially as written by Ed Brubaker, is far more the Occupy [insert place-name] sort than anything else. He’s definitely a lot more “sincere” than the others, but he’s fairly willing also to make a stand, no matter how unpopular. (And also you desperately need someone to balance Tony Stark.)

    idk, I just, I like Steve; though I will say I much prefer Bucky’s version of Captain America, not least because it involves Natalia Romanova kicking a lotta ass.

    • Rhea, I am being a) snarky and b) referencing the usual structure of these starchy-boy meets killer-hot girl womances. I know nothing about this ship first hand. Come think of it, I know nothing about most ships first-hand.

  7. Also, John Constantine doesn’t need fancy pills,base cunning and a warped moral compass does fine.Though both HellBoy and Constantine film adaptations were unmitiggated disasters.


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