For the last couple of days, a mild yearning for cheese-sandwich sunshine-toast has been gently tingling my tastebuds every time I’m hungry.

Have you ever had a cheese-sandwich sunshine-toast? No? It’s simplicity itself, yet utterly scrumptious. Easy on the eye, too. What you do is, you lightly butter two slices of bread, sandwich a slice of cheese in between, then cut a hole right through the centre of the sandwich. It’ll look like a doughnut, only square (or whatever fancy shape you get your sliced bread in). Then, you slide this sandwich onto a greased skillet/griddle/frying pan. When one side’s nicely fried and golden, flip it. Then. carefully break an egg into the hole you dug into the sandwich. The egg-white will overflow onto the fried side of your sandwich. Let it. It’s very yum. Simmer till the egg’s done. You can flip it again for a few seconds if you like, cooking the top of the yolk. Or you can leave it sunshine-yellow and slightly runny, sprinkled with salt and pepper, which is how I like it.

Then you eat it. A heavenly cross-section of fried bread, hot buttered toast, melted cheese and baked egg in every forkful. Oh, the pleasure. The sheer perfection! When I had deli cuts handy, I’d even put a slice of ham in between the toasts. If you’ve never had this before, you absolutely must have it for breakfast someday soon.

I, on the other hand, can’t. I’ve never quite been at home to the idea of diets, and carbs and starches are pretty hard to avoid in a rice-and-curry Bengali household. Eggs, however, are easier to duck. So I nurture my fragile health by rationing my egg-intake carefully, and I had one last Sunday. So they’re definitely off my menu for now. I’d say I’d make it up to my wistful tastebuds next Sunday, but even if I can sneak in an egg then, I’m forbidden cheese — and even though I disregard this restriction completely — butter and white bread.

I suppose my sunshine-toast dreams will have to pack their bags and head for the horizon. Sigh. And to think I’m not even thirty. No one suffers like I suffer. Yummies, yummies everywhere, and none for me to taste 😦



  1. My mother used to make something called sunshine toast which was: Egg White sauce over Toast with grated yolks over it. Never has eggs and toast been so glorious, and I think she took the recipe with her to her grave, to the praise of cardiologists everywhere

  2. Aha sounds like heavenly bliss Rimi – but so much cholesterol in one sitting . Talking of cholesterol , this is what Srin masterminded last Saturday night after the rains had cooled us down summat – tomato sauce cooked in bacon fat with smoked ham and bacon in it , beans cooked in bacon fat with crumbly bits of bacon in it.


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