The Joys of the Job

I walked into work half an hour late this beautiful mild morning, to find my boss elbow-deep in paint, paper, gum and scissors, grinning delightedly to himself. It was springtime on his desk.

“Hullo!”, I said, googly-eyed. We had Serious Pending Work, and I expected much busy-beeing, head-clutching and manic tea-glugging all around, not this cheerful kindergartening.

“Hello, hello!”, said my boss, misunderstanding my reaction. “We’re making the the cover for the children’s book. Design perm-coms. What do you think?”

“I think”, I said firmly,”that I can help”. And, without waiting for a response, dove headlong into Paint-tipped Gummy-finger Land.

My job may be underpaid and overworked, but every now and then, it is utterly, utterly delightful.



  1. Delete this if you wish but you are serious mommy material. Good cook, good with projects, harsh critic. Total. 🙂

    • Thank you, Pathikritda 🙂 Why would I wish to delete it? Is there a hidden barb in that compliment I can’t detect?

      But you’re wrong 🙂 I was brought up to make a mess of my things till I figured out how to do them right on my own*, and this is the school of parenting I will follow if I ever have children. [*Does not apply to things like handling hot irons, changing lightbulbs, or cooking. Those, I was carefully instructed in]

    • I read through after writing it, and immediately wondered why something felt off. That was it! It’s downright schizophrenic how the internet affects what I type, but not how I speak (or read what I write). Caught between cultures!

        • I think I’m indicating I am not. It flows out easily when I’m typing at speed — the influence of the internet, no doubt — but it bothers me when I read my own writing back. The schizophrenic quip, Sunny, was pointed.

          • I considered making a snide reference to the “Love Dove” ads currently on telly but it’s too late in the afternoon, too warm outside, I’m feeling too mellow.

  2. […] remember the morning I walked into work and found it had been transformed into an artist’s studio? Well, the book we were doing the illustrations for has been published, and I’ve just […]


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