Sugar and Spice

Silver-haired gentleman to me: I’m quite looking forward to meeting Ms. Nandy. Over phone and email, she comes across as very personable, yet stern. A very interesting mix.

Me: Thank you. I am Ms. Nandy.

S-h G (eye-widening once-over): That’s much too young for the stern!



    • Sadly, yes. I think he was perhaps hoping for the safety of a semi-formal working relationship to flirt socially with a toothsome, ‘yet stern’ woman in her well-preserved forties.

      Instead, unfortunately, he got me.

  1. The question no one has asked is, why were you spending time on the phone with a silver-haired gentleman whom you hadn’t met in person?

  2. I figured it was someone you were in touch with re. work and finally met for more in-person work stuff. What a pedestrian imagination I have :-/

    • Right. This isn’t the first time this has happened to me. My ex had the problem in reverse. Thankfully, he also had a sense of humour to go with his charmingly youthful voice, and could thus be delighted instead of distressed when he saw people’s expression change as he walked up to them for the first time.

  3. @Dhruva, but would Magneto think she was too young to be stern? (Though I’m now imagining the above dialogue in Ian McKellen’s voice.) *g*

  4. Happy Fourth of July and festive fireworks from the land of Rupert Murdoch, Dustin Hoffman, and singer Al Martino – all of whom nabbed wives 40 years their junior – although the Aussie-Chinese Murdochian menage might not count. Thank goodness you’re safe in Cal, or Kal, where gentlemen respect the brilliance of younger scholars despite their toothsome-ness. Over here, the toothsome ones in their forties are called cougars and they’re looking for stern young men.


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