Spaces Have Tales

Taking my encouragement at its word, my friend PP, who comments here as Pandit, has started a Facebook page called Spaces Have Tales.

It’s true. They do.

Memories of shared spaces… become the histories of people. And people forget their own histories. Quite quickly.

So, in public and self interest, please add to the collection of spatial and cultural anecdata, to your own portraits of a time in a place, be it city, town, village, street, or building. Make a project of it, or a blog, or a book. Take pictures. Write down old street names. Tell us tales. You know you want to. And you know we will love you for it 🙂

So if you’re on FB, please contribute to the page. We’re really, really, really looking forward to hearing from people the world over. If you’re not on FB, or would rather not mess about there, please feel free to either write on your own blog, or comment here, or send me the paperwork for a guest post. I will *so* be looking forward to it!




  1. I don’t have time atm to read your new post. But I wanted to tell you that I have a new little post, and would like to hear your opinion of it.

  2. Nostalgia trips are a wonderful thing . I have fantastic memories of a neighbour’s house in Kolkata when we lived there in the mid sixties . Am in half a mind to pick it off my blog and repost here .

    Also old time sounds and sights that we have forgotten – stuff like the twanging sound the mattress man made , plucking at the string of the implement he used to beat the cotton fluff , the guy who pulled the rattles on a string , the dugdugi man and the one who sold the 2 string toy fiddles , the bioscope man and the old gent in a black coat and a singularly white beard who played the violin on winter nights .


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