I need a coterie of genii for my academic-friends magic circle.

We will compensate for our inability to be in actual academia by telling each other, in polysyllables, how marvellously brilliant we all are, and how lucky the world is to have us.

We shall scoff at cunning fools who greased palms and egos to smooth their way to funded programmes and prestigious universities, and righteously declare ourselves above it.

In our spare time, we shall craft projects and papers that will, like, totally save the world. And freedom. And democracy. We’ll be like America (minus the army, money and weapons lobby.)

Conferences shall be our holiday getaways. Gtalk shall be our data transciber. Skype shall be our yellow brick road.

[I need a strong cup of tea.]



  1. Definitely plebian worker-type. (shakes head disapprovingly). BUT, when we write smashing racy novellas under pseudonym, you can be our coddled editor 😛

  2. No way… her profile says she works for Penguin India. As a copy editor, no less. That’s almost saint-hood, right there. She gets to be a token academic type, surely.

  3. She’s also younger than I am and a ‘junior’ from my uni, so I can stomp on her soul any time I like. We are a cultural of ageist hierarchy, James. Traditions must be upheld.

  4. You forgot our plan? 😦 though currently two academic projects with my academic friends are stuck in the middle of nowhere thanks to the sheer non academic plebeian work that has hit me.

  5. Sorry. We don’t want the bona fide stuff. It will mess with our feeling of unjustly disenfracnhised. Look us up when you quit academia to be a best-seller racy novelist (see Monidipa for details).

  6. Nooooo. Imma gate-crash your partay with mah mad pseud-academic skillz! (also, if I write a best-seller steamy romaance, it’ll be under a pseudonym and none of you will ever get to know)

  7. Yes. We covered the pseudonym thing in our comment above, to which we fruitlessly referred you. Which such gleeful disregard for textual directives, you may very well be on our honour rolls.

  8. You can’t madhura honey our racy novella partyy kaichu. You are already into the ivory tower academic brigade. We still are pop culture.


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