In Glowing Health

In order to better understand the secwet reason behind my discontent with the world* — which certain men of my acquaintance bemusedly term ‘surprising’ and ‘inexplicable’, and which many women find discomfitingly forthright — I’ve finally hit upon this causal truism:

To be comfortable in the fractured, violent, superficially sympathetic and economically vampiric societies we live in is to be addicted to illusions and rotting within from a festering malaise.

By that paradigm, I’m delighted to discover I’m vigorously healthy.

Now if only that health brought the blessing of blissful happiness in its wake. But that, I suppose, is the customary sacrifice one must make in exchange for an approximation of freedom? Well, all right then.

[*It cannot, obviously be the world, because aren’t ‘well-adjusted’ people doing just fine in it?]



    • In that all of aware of how the world is falling to pieces is are headed for a nervous breakdown?

      (I don’t know very much about Didion, sorry. I’m probably missing the reference by a mile).

  1. Wow … you may be a Pratyeka Buddha ভাল! The honest individual who figures it out for her/himself. You’re actually healthy enough to see it as it is and say so.

    Your compact realization is precisely what drove Gautama from the palace and into six years of austerities “I must be suffering from brain freeze to think this prince bullshit is a jolly time, we’re all going to end up dead and worse, living in fantasy, self consumed and useless” .. and off he went. It’s also the basis of the “Fire Sermon” : get disconnected from this world you think it is before it burns you up and destroys you. The good news is once we’re aware of the necrosis that inevitably results from trying to make it work in an illusory world motivated by the three awfuls, greed, anger, and ignorance, we can accept that one awakened soul can’t save the world and turn inwards to healing ourselves. Om mani padme hum. It’s our right to be comfy our own way.

    That’s when we find the jewel in the lotus, true insight, and over time, some respite from the misery of it all. We may be uncomfortable trying to harmonize the two … but you sure write good.


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