The Parentals 3: Teachers’ Day Special

The fifth of September is celebrated as Teachers’ Day in India. It’s been that way long before the market made it fashionable to assign specific dates to specific social relationships, and has proved oddly resistant to the consumerist turns most special ‘days’ have taken. (It is, of course, ripe for the more old-fashioned forms of corruption in our society — extortion in the name of ‘gifts’, for one.)

The date is the birthday of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, philosopher and scholar of comparative religion. He was also independent India’s second president. The story goes that when his students asked his permission to celebrate his birthday as a public event after his ascension to public office, he said that he would prefer it if they instead used the day to recognise and honour all their teachers.

When the president of the nation expresses a wish, the nation jumps to it.

Conversation this Teachers’ Day morning at chez moi, however, was slightly less than noble. It went thus:

Me to the mater: Happy teachers’ day, Mumma!

The mater to me: Happy teachers’ day, my darling.

The left-out parental unit: Since when’s *she* a teacher?

Me, belligerently: And WHO was earning a living teaching undergrads in a distant, cold, foreign land ALL BY HERSELF, eh? Eh?

The P (muttering): Probably teaching them to swing from trees, swishing tails, getting up people’s noses…

Me (immediately changing tune to syrupy sweetness): HAPPY teachers’ day, Papa! You’re a LOVELY teacher. I’m sure your stoodents WUVV you! [ambush-hug and big kiss]

The P: [completely blindsided by this sudden change of heart] er, what? What?

Round 5th September to me.



  1. And still tomorrow’s wiser than
    today. We think our Fathers
    slow, so wise we grow; Our
    wiser Sons, no doubt, will
    think us so. (apologies to alexander)

  2. You cannot pre determine the sex of your fetus.. 😛 Trust me, boys are not that bad esp. when it comes to making them run around for your umpteen errands. That apart this is good stuff. Hilarious.
    P.S. I was given a laughing Buddha today at work..

  3. Scary family. Puro para ke kaan dhore uthbosh koratey pare. Abalbriddhbonita lined up in front of Rimi’s house in the rain doing uthbosh. Human wave of contrition. The parents discussing the next course of punishment with relish. Rimi keeping eagle eye. “Ei je mashima…arekbar..ota thikmoto hoyni…chhele koi…chheleke to dekhchina…”


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