Rimi SuperAunt: Baby Rescue

[For those that don’t know yet, Rimi is my nickname]

Me, idly: If I ever have a daughter, I shall call her Tungtaang.
My friend K, typing industriously beside me: Hmm. Ooh, wait! You should call her Tung when you’re happy with her, and Taang when you’re telling her off.
Me: Like, [cooes] ‘Tooong’, and [roars] ‘TAAANG!!!‘ ?
K: Exactly! And once she’s learned which is which, switch the names to mess with her head.
M: To mess with her head?
K, getting really excited: Oh yes! That’s the best part about having children — they’ll believe *whatever* you tell them. You can SO mess with their heads. Power trip, mamah! I have always wanted to have children just so I could fuck up the insides of their brains!
M: K, my love. If you ever have children, I will swoop in like an eagle and snatch them away from you. Aunty Rimi to the Rescue!
K: Muhahahaha, baybee! I’ve cleverly conned you into bringing up my children for me!

My friends are nuts.



  1. I have a friend who wanted to name his kids Hono and Lulu. Also, another friend wanted to name her kids Kulu and Manali. And in line with Tung and Tang, one friend wanted to have three children and call them Tunna, Tunnu and Tunni. šŸ˜€

  2. Bublada, compliment dile mone hochhe? Thank you šŸ˜‰

    Pathikritda, not to adopt them, I don’t think. And the way some people bring up their children, I often think an uncorrupt, comprehensive licencing system is a necessity.

  3. Yup, some parents are dangerous for their kids, – and usually these are parents who give their kids everything they want. I love my son to bits and would move heaven and earth for him and guard him, literally, with my life. NOW, when I already have him. But sometimes when I see my best friend who has chosen to pamper my kid and take no responsibility for it, remains happily unmarried and kidless, I know I should have been like that. If I didn’t have Neel, I would never miss him, would I?

  4. Adoption is fine as a labour saving device plus all those who have feasted on your cold shoulder would support the idea of your genes going out of circulation.

  5. I would like to believe that, PP, but I can actually see myself quite happy on my own. When the motherboard consists of disparate part, its not a motherboard, is it? And the slots could be filled up by add on cards which take you round the world, help you read all the books you wnat to without having to worry about his studies and food. Heck, I have been feeling like shit for a couple of days now, but this whole mohtering thing comes without any casual leave.

  6. Tapur tupur has precedence – I know a pair – I dont want your kids named after them, god no…tung tang is fine, except that we might land up on them for chinese food frequently, and then what?

  7. I had a friend in high school. We swore that we’d have houses next to each other, I’d have all of hers and my kids running in and out of MY house, and she’d be the crazy cat lady. Ah memories…


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