Torchwood Love

I’m vaguely apologetic about inflicting my brushes with fangirldom on the world, but I’d like it on record that I ADORE James Marsters being cast as John Barrowman‘s character’s jealous, vengeful ex.

At the same time, however, I am deeply disappointed the *that*, and the Jack/Ianto relationship, doesn’t get more dramatic play in the series. This thing could be a sizzling telenovela of gorgeous men plotting, planning and falling all over each other, but instead what we have is a few chaste kisses. Where’s the complaint register!

[Yes. I’ve just discovered Torchwood. And in the face of disappointment from the show on the sexual-sizzle front, I think I will now have to go hunt for fan-fics.]



  1. I love Torchwood. I discovered it quite a while ago and have all of it on DVD, it is so good. I agree with everything you said. I want to see more between those two, I guess it still makes too many people uncomfortable.

    • Well, boo-hoo for them. I don’t see why homophobes should be coddled any more than they already are.

      I remember an European actor on True Blood — a series I watched solely because I had read the mystery series they were based on — said in an interview that he was very surprised that he had to sign special contracts for taking off his clothes, but not for the scenes of graphic violence. That’s popular culture for you 🙂

      • That sounds very true, sex is so taboo, so blowing someone’s head off is fine. So twisted.
        So what other shows do you watch that I watch as well, I also watch True Blood, though the only way for me to watch it is to buy the DVD’s, so I have just finished the 4th season.

        • Let’s see, I’m currently watching The Mentalist — Simon Baker’s from your part of the world, I believe. He does a decent enough American accent, but I the way he says ‘talk’, for example, is a dead give-away of his roots. His Welsh/English colleague is much better at the accent, I think, as is True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgaard and Ryan Kwanten.

          I love fantasy and mysteries, in general. I borrowed DVDs of all the new Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot. I also saw Game of Thrones, the first series. Read the books too. Don’t think I’ll follow that show, though.

          Among shows I liked, I used to watch House and Bones till very recently, and Glee, and oh, I gobbled the new Sherlock. So lovely. Any matches so far? 🙂

          • I tried watching the Mentalist, but it seemed a little the same each week, and I couldn’t handle Simon Bakers character.
            I do like Bones, Dr Who, I loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. We like Big Theory.
            I love Murder mysteries, like Midsomer Murders, have you seen those.
            So at least one match.

            • You didn’t like Baker’s character? Damn. I loved who broken and dark he was — all very polite and whimsical on the surface, but psychosis lurking just beneath. The actual ‘mysteries’ are pretty dull though, I must agree with you there.

              I have read the books the show Midsomer Murders is based on, but it’s difficult to get hold of these shows and books in India. I wish BBC aired in India — we miss a lot of good stuff because it doesn’t. Do they air in Australia?


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