“Cooking is like Sex”

Failed domestic goddess to me, forlonly: Kitchen skills are like love. You either have them, or you don’t 😦

Me, bracingly: Not at all! Kitchen skills are like maths and sex — practice makes ’em perfect. King Bruce, man! ‘If at thrice you don’t succeed, try try try again’!

FDG, astounded: Sex gets better with practice? Really?

Me: …Let’s make you a cup of tea, shall we.



  1. I think they get better with practice! Also, that sounds like someone who hasn’t HAD much “practice” in the bedroom. 😛

    … although I think that’s the first time I’ve ever heard math and sex linked in one sentence. Congrats!

  2. Now I learn? I was awful at maths, numbers frightened me so I spent the rest of my life in the kitchen or perfecting other skills where I knew practice made perfect… or at least made dinner palatable. You mean I could have done real accounting with a little perseverance? All that time I wasted on wine, women and song when I could have been doing quadratics. What a loss.


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