Poetry (or, The Art of Self-lovin’)

My undergraduate department was a fabulous place to grow up in. Of the many wonderful things it bestowed upon us, the ironic and spontaneous witticisms are, to my mind, our best inheritance.

Here’s a tiny taste of the sort of minds we were surrounded by:

Just as every human finds someone to sleep with, every book eventually finds a publisher. Some books, however, are self-published. Especially books of poetry.

The Don

On my old blog, I used to have a whole series of such quotes and tales, dispensed casually during lectures or tutorials or brief corridor-conversations. The time’s ripe, I think, to re-post them here, under the old label JUDE (or Jadavpur University, Department of English). Look for it in the tag-cloud to your right. Joy is for sharing, after all.


One comment

  1. Each and every posts are very excellent and making enthusiastic to read more and more. Thank you very much for these posts. All the very much and looking forward for more and more informative posts. 🙂


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