US 2012: Progress, Elections and India

I only just noticed it today, but one of my friends posted this on Facebook right after the election was declared in Obama’s favour this last week. It has too rosy a view of the Democrats and their politics, but even without that, what he says about India is all too viscerally true.

So Obama won. The Democrats won, for the second time in a row. And the ones who lost are the ones who held on to archaic, outdated traditions and ideas. It’s might not be true that all Republicans are conservatives but they are the people who still think Russia is a threat, abortion is wrong, homosexuals are an aberration, women are half people, science is hogwash…

One of the more conservative countries pledged their support to a liberal, progressive government today and what have we done lately? We of ‘secular’ India, India, whose history is a chaos of forward thinking, inclusive leaders like Ashok, Akbar, Raja Ram Mohan Roy… who are our leaders now? Chowmein rape panchyats, child marriage Chautala, everything is a conspiracy Mamata, Marathi fetish Thackerey, Saffron seduction RSS… well played India!




  1. What with the way Republicans have presented themselves lately, it’s not surprising if Democrats are seen in overly positive light! Mitt Romney, Todd Akin, Paul Ryan, Sarah Palin et al. have seen to it that Democrats look very nearly flawless.

    • To people like you and me, yes. I was actually alarmed that the race was so closely fought. What with the way the Republicans have presented themselves, I’d have expected the Dems to do a clean sweep 😛


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