Festive Food: Diwali and Kaali Puja

I’ve been hearing complaints recently of being sloppy and lazy on this blog, substituting Real Rimi Posts (for those of you who haven’t caught on yet, Rimi is the nick I most frequently go by) for lazy recycling of Facebook status updates.

This, sadly, is true. In my defence, I am an ethnic Bengali, and thus mired forehead-deep in a culture of delicious lassitude, that looks upon ambitious dashing-about with scorn and deep suspicion. Complaints about not getting on with it, therefore, can only guilt-trip me so far.

However! Autumn being our temporal parade of festivities, with Durga puja, the Bengali Lakshmi puja, Eid, Diwali, Kaali puja, Chhat, bhaiphNota (or bhaidooj or bhratri dwitiya) sashaying past and transforming the city into a fairyland of fireworks, mellow lamps, gladrags splendour and scrumptious spreads, I thought I’d salvage my good name by posting pictures of the food we’ve been making in eating this festive season. Of course, I’ve snapped only a fraction of the actual delights consumed, but during times of communal merry-making, you must dive into banquets head-first, or risk having forsaking your portions completely. There are no greater stealing bastards than close friends and family 😉

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