aside Fruitcake Season

UPDATE: Now with picture!

I’ve waxed eloquent often enough lately about the wonder that was my undergrad. department. What I didn’t mention yet was that the place was an absolute magnet for eclectic, esoteric nuttiness. For instance, in our time, we used to have the Barkestra — a group of undergrads who could bark tunes in harmony. Then there was The Blab, which started as a wall-mag and became an online forum, hosting all-night cartoonised-conversation marathons before exams — a wildly successful community procrastination project.

It is on a campus such as this that my friend D saw a superhero this evening. A real, honest-to-goodness, straight-out-of-Hollywood superhero.

Just about when it seemed that I’ve seen it all, I saw Batman.
This is not a joke, nor a metaphor.
We were just chilling in front of the Worldview building. Then we saw Him, standing arms akimbo, in his dark costume, cape flying, on the terrace of the UG pharma building.
There for a good three seconds, then he disappeared.
You can’t make this up. I can provide third party witnesses.
I love Calcutta.

Some places, eh? They never change. New people come in, perfectly normal people, and soak up the free, mischevious, inventive spirit of the place. And thus the delicious, ‘aberrant’ nuttiness continues.

Thank goodness.

UPDATE: And here’s a picture of the superhero, taken by Hindol Majumdar — UG 1, Pharma — with his mobile phone camera:

Batman appeared on the Jadavpur University Pharmaceuticals building rooftop. Oooh.


  1. my son (now 17) has a favorite batman mask/cape (acquired when he was 2 1/2 yrs. old). I am not allowed to put it away. it remains in the top drawer of his dresser and is taken out regularly…

    • That’s quite sweet, really. This was an undergrad dressed in full Batman regalia, and he made this very dramatic apperance I don’t know why, but it has already passed into university legend 🙂

  2. I’m charmed to see Batman manifest at Jadavpur. At a time when devotions to saints and satgurus seems to be slipping, we seem to be devising new global avatars we can share with everyone. Perhaps you’ve noticed that as Hindu deities inevitably appear with multiple arms, we here discovered the basic accoutrement – from Batman to Darth Vader – is the cape, the mere appearance of which grants amazing powers. Indeed, as young super-heroes my brother and I would tie beach towels about our necks and hurl ourselves off the high dunes shouting .. “He wears a Cape!! His sign is the Cod!! ….. (leap) … Cape Cod!!! I’m glad your dramatic undergrad decided darshan was sufficient.


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