To Aunty, From ‘Those Girls’

Facebook linked me to this guest-piece on Women’s Web, one of those gendered portals for women in or from India. I thought it worth re-posting. The writing is perhaps a little too earnest in places, and the style far too open-lettery, but the content — despite a certain simplisticity imposed by the style — is spot on. This is indeed how certain older women of our community help destroy the safety of other women and feel righteous safegaurds of ‘our culture’ while at it.

Because of the tedious trend of being offended without the benefit of facts, the writers of the article clarify straight off that this isn’t a blanket attack on older women, because let’s face it, that would be inaccurate and deeply stupid. So in case you were getting ideas about indignantly huffing at the *awful* ageism on display… well, go ahead and spit them out. It’s a free world, after all.

UPDATE: The writer of the article very kindly let me know that I had violated Women’s Web’s copyright policy by reproducing their content here — full attribution notwithstanding — without their express written permission. To remedy this, and in accordance with her request (cf. comments below), I am removing the body-text of the article. But I recommend you read it from the Women’s Web archive, here:




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