The Disciplinary Nookie

Even with the overwhelming rat-race to hog rape-limelight in Indian media lately, this bit of news is a headline-stealer.

Like lambs sent to the wolves, an NGO entrusted with the welfare of minor girls โ€” many of them disabled and mentally weak โ€” had been sending them for months to the boys’ hostel next door in the name of “punishment”…ย the girls, almost all of whom were too terrorized to talk [when rescued], would be forced into the boys’ rooms whenever they “made a mistake” or complained to officials about the poor facilities they had to live with.

Quite apart from this forced prostitution, Usha Chaturvedi — chairperson to the State Commission for the Protection of Child Rights (SCPCR) — reported post the rescue-raids that of the 48 girls listed as being lodged at this particular hostel, only 30 were found. The remaining 18 ‘hadn’t turned up’ after the Diwali holidays. That is, eighteen young girls have been missing — without their appointed care-givers providing the state or their families with any notice of it apparently — for nearly three months.

The happy thirty that were lodged at the hostel were stacked, all together, in a room 121 ft. square. That is, in a room of 11×11 ft. floor space.

How large is your cupboard?



    • Even the rest, really. I mean… forced prostitution and assault? But if the government says it’s so, it must be so, yes? ๐Ÿ˜›

      Although to be fair, I’ve seen an unbelievable number of adults all climb out of a room maybe 15 ft. square.


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