The Travails of Talent

It is my somewhat narcissistic opinion that I am a decent photographer (even if only possessed of a cheap point-and-shoot and no photo editing software).

It is also my opinion that most ‘creative photographers’ charge entirely too pretty a penny for their time, given the distinct mediocrity of their portfolios. Copious soft focus does not an artiste make.

Finally, it is my deeply-seated middle-class principle never to pay for something I can do just as well (or better).

These three, taken together, have thrown a massive spanner in my plans of having myself artistically photographed, in steady phases through my life. I take two steps towards a recommended photographer, take a third look at their sample-shots, glance sideways at their prices, and hurriedly close the tab. And my walls remain bare of those gorgeous glam-me shots.

My life, it iz a twagedy. (Although a somewhat self-involved one.)




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