Knock knock!

Insurance agent to me: You speak so well, didi. I think you should have been a professor. *I* certainly would attend every class of yours. I would tell people in the canteen, “That madam is my favourite”.
Me: *polite dimpling*
Insh. aj.: OR you could be a radio jockey. Not only do you speak beautifully didi, you have such a lovely voice. And you’re so funny!
Me: Thank you. You’ve very…
Insh. aj. : But the BEST job for you, didi, would have been in the IAS. You’re warm and funny and very well spoken, but you also have great personality! I am actually quite scared of you. I measure very carefully what I will say to you. No, really didi, you should have been in the central administration.
Me: And yet here I am, attempting to refuse insurance agents on my mother’s behalf. Isn’t that sad?



  1. Ohhhh… really sad. This guy is trying so hard. Or maybe he’s telling the plain truth. Does he change the suggested profession every time? Then he’s real smart – keeping a track of all that he’s suggesting!


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