Like Drunk Elephants

[Or, Why I Love My Friends, #4]

Friend to me: It would appear that X’s antics last night woke just about everyone up. And then kept them up. As a collective, we are not amused. Sex is understandable and acceptable. Making more noise than a herd of drunken elephants in the small hours of the morning, and then continuing to do so for hours, is not.

Me: Of course not. I…

F: And I will add, for your benefit, that I have had the misfortune of hearing a herd of drunken elephants. They came looking for alcohol in an army camp in Assam. Army regulations state that in this eventuality, alcohol is to be ceded to the elephants without resistance. So they were very happy drunken elephants.

Me: Unlike, despite his best efforts, X.

F, with grim satisfaction: Indeed.


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