More Photos: Our Cosy Little Indian Wedding

These are pictures from the rest of the three-day saga that is the average Bengali Hindu wedding. I didn’t want to muscle in the crowd of photographers paid to cover the event — too much work in a heavy sari — so what I have here are edge-photographs (and one shot of the bride and groom when the photogs went for their dinner).

Some day, I think, I will chronicle what a Bengali wedding entails. Having just witnessed a wedding up close (and very very loud), I can bear most reliable witness. And anyway, for people used to the idea of Indian weddings being an hour of song and dance, this should certainly be illuminating.

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  1. Nice pictures. Last year we attended our niece’s wedding in Kolkata, the first bong wedding for my kids. My son’s observation was that ‘the food was awesome but the way these people went ululuing suddenly made me jump out of my skin.”

    • Yes, the ululating, I find, makes even us jump out of our skins if we’re not expecting it, so I’m not surprised it made him jump. Was there a lot of fish on the wedding menu? Did he eat it?


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