The Food Planner

I don’t believe I’ve yet shown off the planner we made for ourselves at home this year. We started with absolutely no experience about this sort of thing, decided mid-way to make it a food-themed planner (because we’re as greedy as starved pigs, every last one of us). I picked twelve of the many (many many) food photographs I incessesantly take, debated and defended my choice, regretted and nearly discarded them, and finally, with 2013 looming right at the edge of the horizon, designed the superfluous stuff around the pictures. You know, like the dates and holidays and writing-spaces and stuff. Then we hunted down a printer — thank gods for the internet — who made us re-scale the entire thing for maximum expense-efficiency, twiddled our thumbs while it got off the press, sat up all night cutting the sheets, and finally, as the first dayof January drew to a close, put the finishing touches on the cover.

Yes. It was a lot of work. So make bloody sure you’re properly awed when you witness the fruit of our creative genius… or I shall come after you with the super-sticky glue and golden glitters that now adorn my planner-leftover shelf.

Here is the January sequence, in the designed template: the month’s calendar, a dated notepad for each day, a generic note-sheet, and the month’s food pic (yay!). And here’s the January dish, perfect for those bland, biting cold months.

Roast pork with sweet apples in mustard sauce, served with crispy fingerchips/fries.

With the frankly surprising success of this endeavour, I’m now determined to turn the Priyanka Planner into an annual event, adding bells and whistles to the basic outlay as I go along. I could make another food-themed planner next year — gods know I have enough leftover foody-pics — but I rather think I’d prefer a travel-themed one, given how much I travel to little-visited places on work. Or, I could make people custom planners, with all their favourite photos.

Call in your advance orders, folks 😉


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