Much Rather Third

Third-world. I like using the term.

It is far more descriptive of ‘western’ attitudes towards the indicated collective than ‘the developing world’ ever can be.


One comment

  1. Comments from Facebook:

    Pathikrit Pandit — Let’s lobby for ‘middling earth’

    Ishita Basu Mallik — it also has a nice ring. it sounds heavy.

    James W. Hoover — Both terms are ridiculous when applied to whole countries. There are parts of middle-class India that are more developed in some ways than parts of the UK and the US. And is a struggling tropical dictatorship a “developing country” if its only development is a foreign-owned oil refinery surrounded by six layers of barbed wire, defended by the entire army because it’s Mr. Boss’s sole source of foreign exchange?

    me — Quite. But I like to enjoy my moments of ex-colony moral righteousness, you know 😉

    Abhranil Das — Weird thing I found out sometime back is where this ‘first world’, ‘third world’ stuff comes from. Nothing at all intended to do with development, only there’s been some strange coincidence…

    James W. Hoover — @Rimi, some Americans also get into the “ex-colony” thing, vis-a-vis England, but for some reason (gosh!) it just sounds hollow. It’s so much more convincing when one of you “Bhadralok” types does it. I’d say “gets up on their high horse,” but as we’re onto stereotypes, everyone knows that Bengalis don’t ride horses. 🙂


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