Love and Happiness

Eons ago, there used to be a a thing called the internet, and on this internet, there was a site called Post Secrets.

Back then, it used to actually be cool.

It was 2005, and online community art projects were quite the phenomenon, bursting onto the scene without so much as an inkling about the Pintrests and Tumblrs and DIY forums that were soon to follow.

Sue and I, who were spending that December cooped up with a room full of rather strange strangers, took to blogging, surfing and a stern worth ethic just to keep our tempers cool and sanity preserved. On one such day, she sent me a link to this postcard from the Secrets site. “It reminds me of you”, she said. It was adorable.

I’m spring-cleaning my old blog and mercilessly hitting ‘delete’, but some things are worth preserving 🙂



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