Leave Suicide for the Professionals

Have you heard of Irom Sharmila?

Are you aware of the recent hanging of alleged terrorist Afzal Guru?

Do you know that for all practical purposes, euthanasia is still illegal in this country, forcing — amongst others — a rape victim decades in coma from her assault to carry on what we’re pleased to call her ‘living’?

No? Well, I understand. These are depressing things, and I’m sure you’d much rather look at cat-pictures on the web. However, since it is Monday — a depressing sort of a day, I think we can all agree — it mightn’t be amiss to take one teensy, careful peek at this week’s issue of this webcomic. You may not know anything about Irom Sharmila, capital punishment or India, and you may not care, but this just might give you a split-second’s pause.

And given the state of the thinking person’s world these days, that would be enough.

Crocodile in Water, Tiger on Land: 18th March 2013



  1. The split second pause – ‘Just a little pinprick’ as goes our PF song.
    You make it worth my time every single time. 🙂 Thank you.


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