The People Series: The Shy Boy on Boat

I have two new photography series: the citywalk, and the people series. Sometimes, they overlap, like in here.

This shot was taken on a rickety ‘bhotbhoti’, or wooden boat fitted with an ancient, grumbling engine to save the trouble of rowing. ‘Bhotbhoti’ refers to the noise made by these engines, which indeed go ‘vutt vutt vutt vutt’. These boats act as ferry between the two banks of the river that runs a loop around Calcutta, connecting the city and its contiguous outskirts to the industrial settlements and pre-colonial towns on the other side. They carry people, poulty, produce, goats, bicycles, motocycles, and the occasional cow.

This boy, it turned out, had never seen a woman wielding a ‘giant camera’ before.




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