Citywalk: Braingyms

A taxi unloading outside an old house on a small bylane off Monohorpukur Road. The yellow handbills pasted on the metre-box advertise Abacus, which is a ‘braingym’, helping you become smarter. I’m tempted to given them a call.

Incidentally, this ‘become smarter’ pitch has recently been replaced by the more honest tagline of ‘Remember more stuff!’ Ace your tests!’ The Park Street metro station was covered with them last week. The image showed a plump boy smiling triumphantly, surrounded by factoids and formulae.

I found it all rather depressing. In case you’re not aware, all school-going children not equired to contribute to their family in some way are set to work at studying all day. Their lives are defined by it. In the mornings, they go for private tuitions, then come home and go to school. After school, some carry a packed lunch, which they eat on the streets and go to early evening tuitions. Others come home and leave again. As they approach their O and A levels, the number of hours devoted to private tuitions also rises, till at around fifteen or sixteen, they spend almost twelve hours hours each day at some educational pursuit or another. At sixteen!

But anyway, as I was saying, this is a picture of a taxi unloading.




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