Wedding by Matrimony

My friend M is getting married (woohoo!) to the rather wonderful Dr. S. I’m not sure if they did in fact meet online, but they decided to pull a fast one on the wedding/matrimonial websites that flourish in South Asia by sending them one of those “We met because of you! Thank YOUUU matrimonial website!!! I’m SOOO happy!” messages they so smugly publish as testaments to their awesome efficacy.

And guess what? They published it. The idiots.

Here’s the message M and S sent 🙂 Have yourself a good laugh.


“Shaadi photo match” kept urging me to click on a face with an endearing smile and skin red as a lobster, with “gora” written all over it. Having received the mail three times, I gave in and wrote to him. As I am into lobsters and he into coconuts, we immediately clicked. Then we endured a series of tests and interviews: my parents and my son interviewed him, and his mother cross-examined me. The questions were tough, but luckily we scraped through. Then came the terms and conditions. Although my parents had been saving up for a BMW, a villa and 3kg of gold, he being a gora settled for a motorcycle, twenty cows and a PIO card. And then for the “horoscope matching”- it only took a few thousand rupees to make the stars align in perfect harmony! The rest is history. Moral of the story: Goras are the most cost-effective option, although you might end up spending substantial amounts on sun protection!




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