Why I Love My Friends #5

From my Facebook this morning. (Working knowledge of Bangla and Hindi required)

DG: I have a Greek cat. His name is Pi, and all he can say is “Mu”.

AC: Joto sob alphal kotha.

DG: Don’t make fun of my Beta.

AC: Of course not! I’m scared of your Gamma-like physique.

DG: Go get yourself a Kappa coffee.

AC: Say something nu.

DG: Xi haan.

MM: You two do realize that this conversation delta fatal blow to my early-morning workplace sanity? (In other words, get a room.)

DG: Chi Chi. Kikore bolle Eta?

AC: Eta aamader dowsh na.

AC: I hope she doesn’t have a rho with her boss over this.

DG: I’m sure that Psi will be fine.

AC: If she gets a guardian call, I can go as her tau.

MM: ^^ *gently dances along the Gangnam style*

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