For Justice, Avoid Law Enforcement

This story was shared on my FB this afternoon:

Goan locals assault abductors and would-be gang-rapists of minor schoolgirl, and then assault policemen who try to protect the rapists. Well done Colva! Please do it for the women who visit your lovely state.

It came with this link:

It takes a great, great deal of abuse to get over the sense of alliance and protection society has taught us to expect from law enforcement, but as a woman who has grown up in South Asia, I would say that if you want security, stay far, far away from the police. Even if it means swallowing assault and rape, or harassment or robbery. The police my glorious nation will instinctively protect the criminal, for the criminal will pay them heftily for a cleared-up record and no consequences for their crime. This is especially true if the victim of a crime is a woman, a social minority, or an unconnected poor person who cannot pay the police even more for a semblance of protection (justice does not exist).

So if you were assaulted or raped or molested and want justice, land what punches you can. Because if you bend your feet stationwards, the first thing the cops will do is see if they can get away with a quick cop and feel. Or they’ll call you a slut, and disregard you entirely. Because ‘sluts’ are ‘asking for it’, don’t you know.

That’s the sort of world we live in.



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