Police-assisted Customer Extortion and Harassment by Restaurant in New Delhi

This news is breaking all over the Indian social media today. It has to be read to be believed. Take a look. If you needed further proof that the Indian police force are a lecherous, power-drunk, foot-licking posse of the rich and the connected, you can mine them by the cartload here.

How Lunch at Lemp Brewpub Gurgaon Turned Out to be the Most Horrid Experience Ever.

[UPDATE: The restaurant has now sued the bloggers and promised them jailtime, so they’ve taken down the post. Here’s the cached copy]

On a side note, a plethora of incidents like this is why I have been compelled to treat the home-bred North Indian Male as a maleovolent entity slightly removed from the standard-issue human man. Especially when they’re in uniform.

Of course, people are going to pile on each other to yelp, “Oh my gawd, that is like soooo racist”, and it most certainly is ethnocentric, but what it is above and beyond that is a much-demonstrated ethnically and geo-culturally specific fact. The social environment of the Indian north and north-west breeds such entitlement, violence, and misogyny in most locals that despite knowing exceptions, the rest of us are forced to set them apart from ourselves, and treat them as volatile units with constant criminal intent.

Of course, at the face of such assertion one might produce oodles of well-behaved and charming north-Indian men and say, “What now, huh?”. If you are ever faced with such socially corrosive political correctness, point out to its vanguards that no other place, cumulatively, throws up as many cases of entrenched aggression, fatal encounters, and vitriolic violence against women as this area does. If it looks like a culture of (gendered) violence, feels like a culture of (gendered) violence, then do you know what it usually is?

That’s right.



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