In the Belly of the Beast: Peggy Mohan

A very interesting piece by Peggy Mohan in Kafila on ‘global systems’ and their flaws: (My own opinions on the matter are far too convoluted to hold interest)

Human beings, like cells, take up their specialized roles within the organism, allowing it to live. A few, always opportunistic, manage to find privileged positions. But the majority of the population simply plays along, with no strong opinions while things are good, neither helping nor harming, concerned only with its own survival. And life goes on because the sheer size of the megasystem insulates it from day to day feedback and need for course correction.

… We have all seen big systems on a roll suddenly come crashing down because they are inherently fragile, unsustainable, their structure totally dependent on their energy flow. The megasystem is inscrutable: its outward strength can mask even a terminal decline. Our job, then, is to study the beast and be alert to the signs, and ready with a road map back to a world that is our size.




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