World Cup, Brazil

Do you know what’s happening in Brazil? A person on FB says he suspects Google Translate is down so people the world over will not be able to translate content from many Brazilian blogs and news sources. It sounds like conspiracy theory, but in a world where even the most rabid conspiracy theories now appear diminished by truth, it’s so very entirely possible that he’s right.

The trickle-down effect of hosting immensely expensive international dos are, I find, a lot of bollocks in practice. What happened to the poor in India during the last Commonwealth Games was forcible evacuation and no restitution, and what happened to our tax money was blind robbery by ministers and their flunkies. The ‘trickle-down’ only works if administrative infrastructures are in place, working, and non-corrupt, large sections of the population do not live off-the-grid, and everybody engages with one consolidated fair-share market system, from the grassroots suppliers of raw materials to the top-level consumer. Since this is a wild ethical fantasy, we should really stop propogating the silly share-and-share-alike idea. It doesn’t happen.

To give you a taste of what’s happening in Brazil on the eve of their Football World Cup 2014 prep, here are a few pictures I collected from the internet. I can’t attribute credit since they’ve been widely copied and linked-from, but thank whoever was on the ground in Brazilian streets for these otherwise suppressed glimpses:

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