Stunning Dino-Bird Fighting Off T-Rex

Marriage really does a number on you. Suddenly, you find you’re (a) fully briefed on Arsenal’s strengths, weaknesses, schedule and scorecard, (b) eating more grilled meat and salads than comforting daal-bhaat, and (c) watching dinosaurs on YouTube.

Yes. We watch a lot of dinosaur videos. Don’t ask me why, it’s probably not healthy for me to reflect upon it. BUT, the good bit about strange fascinations is that I get to trawl the ocean of interweb videos and share the gems… so you don’t have to. So here goes: first fave on the dino series, Oviraptorid — a fabulous mix of flamingo and dino — fighting two T-Rexes and smaller winged dinos off his or her eggs.

Oviraptorid1Silly small oviraptorids approach giant nesting O.

Oviraptorid2Aaaaand are duly chased off! Rawwwr!

Watch the whole melee here: . It’s fun!

As an aside, though, these people flooding my lovely dino documentaries with creationist bollocks and “who would win the dino face-off???” comments? Where DO they come from? Maybe we can petition the US government to bomb that land first?



  1. First things first. ÖZIL! And for good measure, ARTETA!

    And Stella, if I were writing this, I’d say marriage really does a number on you. Suddenly you find you are a) watching entire seasons of Veronica Mars in one sitting through the night, b) cutting dress patterns and knowing what an A-line skirt is as opposed to an empire waist, and c) attending hour long sessions of semiotics 101 at 7 in the morning 😀

  2. Hey Priyanka, you got married? Congratulations!! What a coincidence really….Your namesake, my sister, Rimi also got married a few days ago.
    Anyway that explains your absence from this space I guess. 🙂

    • Hi Rakhi! Yes, I did get married, and I moved, but I wish I could pin my lapse in writing on them. Writing is what I love most, but I find that I suffer from a sense of insignificance, a feeling that putting out my trivial experiences and opinions in the world is rather egoistic, so mostly I feel really shy when confronted by a keyboard. Of course, sometimes, I don’t 🙂

      Email me about your Rimi’s wedding? Did it happen in Calcutta? And how’ve you been lately?


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