Citywalk: Warm and Toasty

Today, after running through my Wednesday morning chores, I scrolled through my old social media posts. It’s narcissistic, I admit, but it’s also almost like reading someone else’s timeline, because thanks to a messed up memory, I frequently forget stuff I’d posted last week, and am astonished to learn it was indeed me this stuff happened to.

I think I shall have a list of FB imports on this blog from now on. They’re good fun to look back upon. For today, let it be these two: one from this October, and one from last November, and both certain to leave you feeling all soft and cuddly.

Just past the peak-hour morning rush, a Dalhousie-bound minibus was parked near the Shyambazar metro station, waiting for its seats to be filled, one desultory passenger at a time. It was taking a while. So the driver of the bus quietly picked up a thin bar of iron, left his seat, sneaked up on the conductor, and tapped him on the head with it. And then ran away, giggling. For five minutes, I stood at the footpath right next to the bus, watching grown men in worn clothes — you know, the sort of men who live in “inner cities” and are supposed to be all angry all the time — run around a major arterial road, playing tag and laughing loudly in unadulterated, childlike joy. It was the sort of moment one calls “uplifting”.

23 October 2013

DC: shrenishotrus. Always setting the revolution back.
GB: Your desi Tom and Jerry moment. Blessed you are Rimi.
MvD: Random acts of senseless beauty.

Station-dwelling mentally-challenged grandpa playing catching-catch with his toddler granddaughter, amidst peals of laughter. Momentary delight for the jaded.

3 November 2012

RS: Shundor. I can well imagine. Trust me, it might have been momentary but it’ll remain in a lot of minds forever.
GB: Ota holo nirbhyajal anondo. Amrai holam mentally challenged living the lives we do.
SGT: these little, supposedly insignificant moments, makes everything worthwhile.
NM: Oh ❤


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