Talkin’ About the Stare

This evening, calmly withering looks from a friend and me completely quelled a man staring rather invasively at her.

I don’t like the idea of legally policing stares, because that way lies subjectivity hell, but when someone’s stare makes me uncomfortable, people should get used the fact that I shall inform him of it, and not too gently. If I hear the ‘But he was only looking!’ apologists whine about my ‘feminist hysterics’ about the poor man, they shall be treated to generous portions of the same. I have my mouth, the same as he has eyes. If he can look at me, I shall talk to him. If you’re going to attend a charity jack-off-athon in support of the former, the latter shall, by logic, automatically have your support.

Tough, eh? Welcomed to the concept of equality.

And as a PS, do you know what the concept of equality doesn’t apply to? My subjective freedom to treat the stare as welcome, if I like the looks of the person doing the staring. That’s how mummy and daddy got started on making you, so don’t bitch about how wrong it is for harassment victims to have preference.



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