My First Ever Pet Comes Home!

This week, we have adopted a tiny street-pup that was struggling to stay alive on the busy roads of a crowded Bombay suburb. Puppiekins is called Kaju – which is Bengali for cashew. It’s an odd name to pick, but it seems to sit well on our gorgeous and mischievous little pup.

One of our impish friends suggested that Kaju is a subconscious contraction of “Kaj barlo”, which is Bengali for “drat! my chores have increased”. I can’t deny that our howling little monster – which my partner insists is a wolf in a dog’s body – was a lot of work to begin with, and he has messed up our sleep cycles already, but I’m quite sure the reason we call him Kaju is because he’s a delight and comfort, like warm, toasted cashews.

Here’s a glimpse of Kaju’s first night (he came to us late one evening) and day at chez moi. Isn’t he adorable?



I iz mountaineer!


Howling for bacon



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