Puppy Learns the Stairs

The elections were held yesterday at Bombay, and people flooded social media with pictures of their inked fingers, proudly showing that they voted.

Which is all very well, but getting off our sedentary bums and voting isn’t exactly an achievement, you know? It’s what we’re supposed to do, the social contract we made with the state and with our own collective destiny. There shouldn’t be a badge of honour for doing what you’re supposed to do… for your own continuing civil existence. That’s setting the bar far too low.

We however, have some legit pride. Our puppy Kaju has finally mastered the stairs… on his first attempt! Go Kaju! And he stopped after both the going-up and coming-down milestones so we could capture his moment of glory. A most biddable pup, I must say, except when it comes to sinking his needle-sharp teeth playfully into our extremities. Then he’s a right little bastard!

stairs1Kaju is all, “Damn. That looks far.”

stairs2He has conquered one stair!

stairs3And now, he shall go back up.

stairs4    But first! A little stretching.

stairs5“I is done! Take memorial pic!”


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