Secret Thrills: Indian Elections 2014

Today, the 16th is the day India gets to see the results of the last few months’ campaigning, mud-slinging, violence, media-frenzy, and electioneering.

One of the pluses of not following regional politics anymore is the little thrills I keep getting from the Lok Sabha results.

For instance, I had no idea Deve Gowda is still part of active politics. The man has been the chief minister of state, and the prime minister of the republic. Yet this year, he is contesting for a single seat in Karnataka.

This, I think, is probably one of the best things about parliamentary democracies in general, and Indian politics in particular. The leader of the nation today – saluted by armies and hosted internationally by heads of states – may very well be struggling to win a single regional seat ten years down the line. People with long-term memories will be back in the picture of power, and constituencies ignored during political heydays will have to be cajoled and given a few real crumbs along with the usual nebulous dreams and promises. And that, in my opinion, is how a democracy should work in real life.


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