A Birth in the Family

Well, not quite, but who can resist misquoting a classic?
This update is especially for Rakhi, who asked about our puppy Kaju, and everyone else who have been following our puppy-parenting, chronicled here, here, here and here.

I suppose some of you would groan and say, “Some idiots never learn!” But, as my social-media friend D pointed out, dogs are pack animals, and I wanted our pups to grow up with at least one other companion, preferably a litter-mate. The rescuers couldn’t give us both pups at the same time, and Kaju missed a crucial month of bonding with his siblings (forming a bond with us instead). Which is probably why he couldn’t live with Burfi.

But now, he has his sister Kaalojaam for company, and two of them – thank goodness! – get along far, far better. Of course, they rough-house for a bit every day, but they also sleep next to each other, and Kaalojaam uses Kaju’s back as a cushion sometimes.

This is Kaalojaam. She’s adorable, and Kalu for short.



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