WorldCup 2014: When Ghana Nearly Had Germany

I made a big mistake yesterday. Not having much personal interest in any of the teams playing yesterday – well, technically this morning – and lacking sleep severely, I decided to give the ‘Cup a miss. And that was how I missed the Korea-Algeria match. Six goals! Man, I wish I’d been up for that one.

I did catch the second half of the USA-Portugal match. (My body clock, having once adjusted to the World Cup all-nighter schedule, refused to readjust for a single night.) I would have preferred USA to win, but an extra-time score is always extra exciting. They’re obviously not top-drawer stuff, but for a new team, I’d say, damn good show. Portugal should be ashamed they couldn’t wallop them to a straight defeat, and nearly lost themselves. (Germany might do just the walloping on the 25th, though.)

Speaking of Germany, here are my tweets from the Deutschland-Ghana match yesterday. I thought it would be cakewalk for Germany, and was thrilled to see it wasn’t. As much as I encourage the rookie US team, it’s really Ghana I’d like to see move to the next round with Germany. That’s probably a pipe dream, but at least they had a great match against the mighty Germans.







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