World Cup 2014: Suarez Throws Uruguay Out

Or so he will, if clear video evidence of him head-butting and then biting Italy’s Chiellini emerges. Suarez has been banned before for biting – he’s something of a habitual biter, the little bastard – and if it happens now, Uruguay will be out of the ‘Cup before you can say ‘overgrown toddler’.

I started watching the Italy vs. Uruguay match from the second half today, and the play was rougher than I had seen so far. The ref needed four pairs of eyes to keep track of everything that was happening. It was like the football version of a reality TV show, violence and bitchery all around while everyone tried to go one up on the others.

I must confess, it influenced me a little. In fact, I think I might have inspired Suarez to bite Chiellini.








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