Bronze Traceries on Rum: Bored Housewife Crafts

I’ve been very busy being bored lately, and have socialised mainly on social media, letting this blog whimper and slowly die.

But fear not! For I am back, with the magic of DIY! And with a lot of empty bottles of rum and whiskey, the provenance of which I shall be obliged if you don’t ask.


The last time we finished a bottle of OM, I washed and dried the bottle, and then traced its strange shattered-glass design with bronze fabric paint put in a cone. Then, at the front where the label was, I wrote this legend in a creamy-white, stylised font:

কাউকে বেশি লাই দিতে নেই, সবাই চড়ে মাথায়ে |

It’s from Sukumar Ray, and translated roughly to my below-par Hindi, it reads, “Kisiko zyada chhut mat dijiye; Sab sar pe charhne ki mauka dhundhte hain”. Expressing the sentiment in English is rather hard, but I suppose, generally, it means “Never coddle anyone too much; everybody’s just waiting to walk all over you”.


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