“Newlyweds are Magic”

This past weekend has been a blur of illness and all-nighters. I’ve been assailed by asthma and spike in spondylitic pain, and we’ve both had to put in the daily 30 hours to meet deadlines and things.Trawling zombielike through my Facebook timeline this afternoon, after a rocky, uncomfortable couple of hours of shut-eye, I came upon proof of happier times, when ‘pulling all-nighters’ meant loading the fridge with home-cooked goodies. Newly married, new in Bombay, living in one room in a guest-house and sharing one domestic washing-machine and one induction-base cooker with two whole floors of guests – man, those were the days. I remember, when I first posted about cooking through the night, a concerned friend asked, “But why the night-shift?” Before I could think of an answer, a worldly-wise wit piped: “Same reason why elevs make shoes at night. Newlyweds are magic!”

Here’s the post from FB. Enjoy the graphics 😐


After a night of peeling, chopping, dicing, coring, tossing, stirring, frying and juicing, we now have a wonderful assortment of reheatable food: one jar of excellent Bolognese sauce (made with mutton keema, tomatoes, fresh basil and dried oregano); a large bowl of pulao-daal; stir-fried korola and pumpkin (called tita-chhechki or teto back home); a spicy dry cauliflower curry; and lau-chingri (prawns with lauki — a light Bengali delicacy). Plus, fresh-squeezed musambi, apple and tomato juice. After achieving this incredibly marathon feat on ONE stove-top and ONE wok and ONE pressure cooker, we finally dined — at 7AM — on Maggi and one slice of leftover cheesecake. Now we’re going to crash, and be dead to the world till late afternoon. Call us, and I will personally darken your doorstep with a chainsaw.




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