Rain Rain, Never Mind Spain!

Just come to us, please.Heat is now the second highest natural disaster in India, and the official death toll – which always errs very generously on the side of the lowest possible number – has risen past the 2500 mark. My trilingual upbringing hasn’t equipped me with enough words to adequately express how desperately we need cool, wet breeze and the pouring three-day-long showers.

Yes, I’ll be complaining about the unending downpour almost as soon as it arrives, and yes, I’ll chirp like a bird at the sign of a sunny day again, but right now, the beleaguered, live-roasted people of the tropics will take months of mood-destroying mud, splattered clothes, dim daylight, mossy walls and the odour of wet dogs in the house just to escape this murderous heat for a few hours.

So please, come on down. Spain can dance around Barça’s Champion’s League trophy for the next few months.



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