Happy Meals

Just as the week is winding up its depressing mid-week suckerpunch, a ray of lovely warm happymaking sunshine from my brilliant friend DP:

“So I was eating dinner alone at a small Korean restaurant today. Every time I eat dinner, I order a new dish to try. Today I ordered bean paste stew and some rice wine to go with it. The owner (the patriarch of the family running the restaurant) sat down to join me since he saw that I was eating alone. The dinner portions were already huge. He brought me some dried fried fish (like bombil) to go with the wine. It was salty, crunchy and lovely.”


“He kept talking to me in Korean and I kept talking to him in English. From time to time his wife and daughter would stop by and smile. I think he kept sharing the wine to make sure that I don’t get too drunk. They would bring a whole new bunch of starters as soon as my plate got empty.”


“I still can’t believe how caring the people are. Sometimes I’m glad that I travel alone and get to meet such people.”




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