Hello 🙂

My name is Priyanka, but I also go by Rimi.

I’m a researcher at the TCTD-funded healthcare initiative at the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay. My team is engaged in extending the Virtual Labs model of self-paced learning to community health workers and ancillary nurses in India, so that the current gap in knowledge and skills can be addressed without removing the care-givers from the community. We aim to help establish a system of regular screenings at the community level, for better health tracking in general, and early detection of crucial indicators in particular.

Currently, we’re collaborating with Tata Memorial Hospital at Mumbai and the Indian Council of Medical Research to check the rate of proliferation of cervical, breast and oral cancer through low-cost, community-based screening and early-detection techniques. The project is designed to apply across geo-social boundaries, but is especially geared towards the urban poor and rural areas with poor access to resources.

In terms of research, I am interested in the intersection of public health, gender/sexuality/reproductive choices, and ageing at the margins of society. I am also fascinated by the anthropology of the body in multicultural third-world contexts, and in the social mechanisms surrounding mental health.

Sometimes, I translate bits of my favourite pieces of Bengali speculative fiction into English. The current list of translations is rather tiny, and can be found under the label Translations on this site.

Mostly, however, I spend my spare time with my two dogs, Kaju and Shorshu, and the many wonderful street-dogs of the IITB campus.

If you would like to get in touch with me, please drop me a line at priyanka.nandy@gmail.com.